CLI Christian Leadership Classes 2019


A ministry of American Baptist Churches of Indiana & Kentucky in cooperation with ABC-Greater Indianapolis along with sponsoring American Baptist Churches & Associations growing, equipping and enriching Christians for ministry in their home churches, communities and associations.


Participants are not required to commit to a leadership program!

Those seeking topics for personal enrichment or continuing education are welcome! CEUs available upon request!

Other Christian Denominations are welcome to participate as well!

Each class title consists of:

  • 20 hours of classroom instruction & interaction usually divided into four (4) non-consecutive Saturday sessions
  • outside reading along with assignments and/or projects which enrich class discussion and each student’s learning experience

Class sizes are small and instructors meet each student where they are in their faith journey and educational capabilities.

It is strongly recommended students attend all class sessions, but those students committed to earning credit have the opportunity to earn one (1) excused absence per class title.

Students are expected to arrive each scheduled Saturday by 8:45am; class sessions begin at 9:00am; class sessions end at approximately 3:15pm.

If you would like to register as an “audit student” and not earn credit (nor a completion certificate), the registration fee is less and the requirements listed for each class title are only recommendations.

Registered students may invite their spouse to register as a “spouse audit” free of charge!

Please RSVP as soon as possible to help us determine if a class can be held.  We need 10 or more students for each class title.

If you are not officially registered by the Monday before the first class session is scheduled to meet (and you know you plan to participate), it is very important to verbally RSVP by that date, so we can plan and prepare for your participation. Thank you for your courtesy and cooperation.



If registered by the EARLY registration deadline for a class title:

  • $125 for individual registrations
  • $99 per person for groups of 3 or more from your church

Normal Registration is $135; Late Registration is $150; Audit students–only $80

What a BLESSING for 20 hours of classroom instruction & interaction!  Most one-day conferences cost that much!

We are able to provide 4 days in the classroom at the average cost for a one-day conference experience, because of  mission giving  to support…

  • CLI directly
  • Region Offering (State Work)
  • America for Christ
  • United Missions



Winter 2019


C204 Congregational Care

  • Taught by: Rev. Roberta White
  • Location: Franklin, IN
  • Class Sessions meeting on: Jan 12, Jan 26, Feb 9 & Feb 23, 2019
  • Early Savings Registration Deadline: December 21
  • Registrations Due By: January 4
  • FLYER for Congregational Care 2019
  • SYLLABUS for Congregational Care 2019
    • Book to order as soon as possible:
      • Pastoral Care Emergencies by David K. Switzer. Fortress Press, Minneapolis.  2000; make sure you order the “dark pink” version; usually best location is for both new and used copies.
    • Assignment to be done before the first class session scheduled for Jan 12
      • Read Introduction and Chapter 1, Chapter 2 & Chapter 3

C108 Leadership

  • Taught by:  Rev. Dr. Dan Cash
  • Location: Westport, IN
  • Class Sessions meeting on: Jan 19, Feb 2, Feb 16 & Mar 2, 2019
  • Early Savings Registration Deadline: December 31
  • Registrations Due By: January 4
  • FLYER for Leadership 2019
  • BULLETIN INSERT MASTER for Leadership 201
  • SYLLABUS for Leadership 2019
    • Books to order as soon as possible:
      • There is both a primary and secondary text for this course. You may elect to purchase & read both – but only the primary text is required.
      • Primary Text: Leaders Who Last: Sustaining Yourself and Your Ministry, Margaret J. Marcuson, Seabury Books, 2009.
      • Secondary Text: Better Than Success: 8 Principles of Faithful Leadership, C. Jeff Woods, Judson Press, 2001.
      • *Both text books are available through or Amazon marketplace (print and digital). Judson Press has Jeff Woods book for sale in a DIY PDF format.  Approximate cost: $10 – 20 each.
    • Assignment to be done before the first class session scheduled for Jan 19:
      • Complete a two-three page book review on either the primary or secondary text book responding to the following questions: How does the author understand or define leadership?  What, in your opinion, are the strengths of that understanding?  What, if anything, would you add to this understanding of leadership?  What does the author say about knowing yourself as a leader?  What did you find yourself appreciating about this text?  What was challenging to you about this text?

Spring 2019


Introduction to Christian Worship

Summer 2019

REGISTRATION FORM for Summer 2019 *****

C201 Christian Education & Nurture

C102 Introduction to the Old Testament


Fall 2019

REGISTRATION FORM for Fall 2019*****

C105 ABC & Church History (AB Polity Class)

C103 Introduction to the New Testament


*new or updated information provided on 3/8/2019 where indicated

**new or updated information provided on 3/28/2019 where indicated

***new or updated information provided on 5/1/2019 where indicated

****new or updated information provided on 6/3/2019 where indicated

*****new or updated information provided on 7/18/2019 where indicated

Don’t Forget To…

  • Download the syllabus for the class you plan to participate in
  • Order any books needed to enrich your class experience

Available Upon Request!

  • Bulletin Inserts and/or posters for any course
  • Bulletin Inserts and/or posters with general CLI Information
  • Brochures about CLI

Additional Information:

For information on the CLI Programs:

If you need additional information or have questions, please contact Jennifer Greene (317-635-3552 x 221).