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Financial Aid Opportunities for CLI

It costs only $135 per course plus the expense of books—that is $540 each year to complete FOUR COURSES with CLI… Many college courses cost $500 or more just for one course...including most on-line correspondence courses.  We can keep the cost down, because we have such generous host sites like Franklin College, The Switzerland County Education and Technology Center and several specific American Baptist Churches along with generous partners within our American Baptist Associations and individual churches…and because we get our instructors from within our ABC family in most cases.  It is our goal to offer a solid, practical, affordable educational foundation in ministry to the average lay leader.  Through CLI, one builds relationships and a network of support as they learn and grow as well.  Most books can be found used on Amaizon.com for a minimal cost.

  1. First of all, we offer a $10 savings on your registration fee if you register by the early savings deadline set for each class.  Every little amount helps!  It is important to register early if at all possible, because there is often preparation for the first class session and you need to order & receive books as well.  If you register for a class after the final deadline, there is a $15 late fee. See each individual registration form for dates and details.
  2. We also have a referral program in which you can earn CLI bucks towards your registration costs.  See the Referral Program Flier for details.
  3. Many churches are more than willing to sponsor an individual from their congregation in continuing Christian Education.  When  the annual registration cost of CLI is broken down, it is only $10.39 a week!  Sometimes, even that  amount with the added expense of travel to class and purchasing books can be challenging for an individual student, but even the smallest congregation can afford $10.39 per Sunday!  Let your church leaders know that you will be investing in your education as well…your time & preparation for the class sessions, travel expenses and the cost for books.
  4. If your church is  unable or unwilling to aid you in continuing Christian Education and your church belongs to an ABC Association of Churches, you can also talk to your pastor or Region Minister about requesting assistance from your ABC Association.  If you don’t know who serves as your Region Minister, contact Jennifer Greene at jennifergreene@abc-Indiana.org or 317-635-3552 ext 221.
  5. If you are serving your church as a paid (fulltime or part time)  ministry  staff person, you may be eligible for a grant from the Ministerial Excellence Fund.  Do keep in mind that you do need to go through an application process and a grant is not guaranteed just because you apply. For more information, contact Marc Kirchoff at mlkirchoff@yahoo.com or (812) 235-5752.
  6. If you find that you still need additional assistance, you can apply for partial assistance through CLI.  This scholarship is awarded in the amount of $45.  Since these funds are limited, CLI can offer no more than $90 per student, per year in scholarship money.  All course requirements must be met or the student may not be eligible for future scholarship assistance.  If the course is not completed, the student may be expected to reimburse CLI the scholarship money received in most situations.  See CLI Scholarship Application below or request from Jennifer Greene at jennifergreene@abc-indiana.org or 317-635-3552 x 221.

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