Discipleship Ministries


We are pleased to announce the release of a new Discipleship Video Series that has been produced right here in Indiana.  In partnership with Dr. Jeff Jones, of Andover Newton Theological Seminary, and a Palmer Grant from the American Baptist Foundation, our two Regions have produced a five-session video series on EXPLORING DISCIPLESHIP.  The DVD and accompanying study guide are available to any congregation of ABC/GI or ABC/IN-KY free of charge.

This series will help congregations explore how to disciple persons in the 21st century.  We all know that Sunday School has been waning.  Many persons are not learning what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.  This series will challenge us to think about how our congregation might explore new ways of helping persons grow as disciples.  The series is based upon Dr. Jones’ book,  Traveling Together: a guide for disciple-forming congregations.

The easy to use DVD format and study guide will explore such topics as, “When Old Answers Don’t Work”, “What is a disciple?”, Discipleship and evangelism”, “Qualities of disciple-forming congregations” to name a few.  The DVD is divided into small segments which could be used in a variety of settings—Boards or Committees of Christian Education, Deacons, Sunday School classes, study groups and others.

To request your copy of EXPLORING DISCIPLESHIP DVD please contact Jennifer Greene at: jennifergreene@abc-indiana.org or call 317-635-3552 X221  

Please give Jennifer the following information when contacting her to order the DVD:                            Name, Complete mailing address, Church, Email address                                                                                                                 

Click on the link to download the Study Guide for the DVD.    Study Guide for DVD

If you have any questions regarding Discipleship Ministries in your congregation, you may contact the Rev. Dr. Jim Walter at: jimwalter@abc-indiana.org