Carlos and Mayra seek to show others God’s love and mercy, as a reality. They consider it a wonderful privilege to be able to serve God and to practice what the Lord placed in their hearts: “Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.” (Romans 12:15 NKJV)

If you or your church are willing to enter into a prayer partnership with the Bonilla-Giovanetti family and their ministry in Colombia, please get in touch with Rev. Mark Sorrels, ABC-IN/KY Regional Advocate for the BGs or call him at (812) 352 8147.  You are encouraged to remember the Bonilla-Giovanetti family (a.k.a. the BGs) throughout the year, to exchange encouraging messages of prayer support, and to share your own  prayer requests with them in return.  Both e-mail and postal communication are available.

Download the most recent bulletin inserts:

Bulletin Inserts

March 2019 Bonilla Giovanetti Insert English

March 2019 Bonilla Giovanetti Insert Spanish

February 2019 Bonilla-Giovanetti Insert English

February 2019 Bonilla-Giovanetti Insert Spanish

January 2019 Bonilla-Giovanetti Insert English

January 2019 Bonilla-Giovanetti Insert Spanish

December 2018 Bonilla-Giovanetti Insert English

December 2018 Bonilla-Giovanetti Insert Spanish

November 2018 Bonilla-Giovanetti Insert English

November 2018 Bonilla-Giovanetti Insert Spanish

October 2018 Bonilla-Giovanetti Insert English

October 2018 Bonilla-Giovanetti Insert Spanish