Adriana Chaney

Adriana ChaneyAdriana Chaney, Associate Regional Minister for New Church Development

Cell Phone: (316) 393-9655

Rev. Adriana Chaney was initially hired in 2016 as a part-time Transitional Resource Minister.  She ministered to churches in Southern Indiana and Kentucky until August 2017.  Currently, she is serving part-time as the Associate Regional Minister for New Church Development. 

In 2015, Adriana moved to Lexington, Kentucky after retiring from nearly 40 years of ministry.  Before retiring, she had served more than 15 years with the ABC-Central Region.  She served more than 10 years as an area minister there, and more than 5 years as their Associate Executive Minister.  Her earlier years of ministry included pastoral staff positions among ABC churches in the states of Massachusetts, Michigan, Ohio and Washington.

On a personal note, Adriana is an avid reader, a mediocre golfer, and a willing traveler when opportunities present themselves.  From 2011-2016, Adriana reserved several months each year for volunteering at the Green Lake Conference Center in Wisconsin.


If you would like to contact Adriana, you may do so at: ADRIANACHANEY  AT ABC HYPHEN INDIANA DOT ORG.