CLI: Overview of Class Topics

Each class topic is approximately 20 hours of classroom instruction & interaction, and is normally made up of four class sessions. The class sessions are usually scheduled two Saturdays each month the course is offered.  Every attempt is made to schedule the total of 4 sessions on non-consecutive Saturdays.  Usually students are asked to arrive for class by 8:45am and class sessions meet from 9:00am to 3:15pm (with a break for lunch).

Qualified and experienced instructors have been selected to provide students with the highest quality learning experience.




Certificate of Christian Leadership

C101 Spiritual Formation
C102 Introduction to the Old Testament
C103 Introduction to the New Testament
C104 Introduction to Theology
C105 Church and ABC History (with American Baptist Polity)
C106 American Baptist Mission, Evangelism and Stewardship
C107 Teaching the Bible
C108 Leadership
Note: All certificate program students must complete “How to Study and Write” which is a half-day workshop and “Healthy Boundaries Fundamentals 1” which is a one-day seminar.  Both are usually offered at least once each year.
Diploma of Pastoral Studies (Ministry Program)
C201 Christian Education and Nurture
C202a Introduction to Biblical Preaching    OR     C202b Youth and Young Adult Ministry
C203 Introduction to Christian Worship
C204 Congregational Care
C205 Personal and Family Care

Optional Workshop: “Pastoral Essentials” which is a half-day workshop with practical information on basic pastoral events of the church for example wakes, funerals, weddings, baptism, communion, etc.  This workshop will be offered once or twice a year depending on demand.

Note: To receive your Diploma of Pastoral Studies, you must have earned your Certificate of Christian Leadership in addition to the required 200 level courses.  Although it is not mandatory, we suggest you enroll in 100 level courses before taking 200 level courses whenever possible.