CLI Workshops


All CLI workshops are open to anyone interested in participating.

If you plan to participate in CLI regularly, please consider participating in the half-day workshop, “How To Study and Write“.  It offers many helpful tools and information to assist students in getting the most out of each learning experience.  For those students with the intention of earning credit for one of the leadership programs, this workshop is a requirement within the 1st year.  It is offered when there are six or more people committed to participate.  To be added to the list to participate or for exemption information, contact the CLI Coordinator.

Usually when we offer the above workshop, we schedule another half-day workshop, “Pastoral Essentials” the other half of the day.  It is an optional workshop for CLI program students and is open to anyone who would like to participate.

Healthy Boundaries” training is strongly encouraged for every pastor along with those connecting with people in ministry of the Church such as deacons, Sunday school teachers, small group leaders, etc. Healthy Boundaries-Fundamentals (Level 1) is a requirement for CLI program students that must be completed before credentials will be released.  Both Healthy Boundaries-Fundamentals (Level 1) and Healthy Boundaries-Beyond the Basics (Level 2) are also open to anyone interested in participating.

CLI Coordinator & Registrar:  Jennifer  Greene 317-635-3552 x 221 or email