Courageous Conversations

Dr. Bill Shiell from Northern Seminary will lead a two-part discussion on the importance of “courageous conversations.” In part one, we’ll look at the template from the Jerusalem Conference in Acts 15. How did the early church respond to the Spirit’s movement across ethnic lines, even when they disagreed with each other? In part two, we’ll outline a plan for having courageous conversations in our congregations today. In the midst of a pandemic, how do we lead by listening and commissioning to follow the gospel’s work today?
You’ll note that the scheduled dates straddle the week of the national election – and that, plus the topic, is intentional. This two-part series is open to anyone – please invite your friends!
Dr. Shiell was well-received as the keynote speaker for our 2018 biennial gathering and we look forward to hearing from him again. This special series is being made possible as a joint venture by our region plus ABC Michigan and ABC of the Great Rivers (Illinois and Missouri).

Courageous Conversations – Bill Shiell Event