Expanding Mission Church Grant

The Expanding Mission Church Grant is a ministry of the American Baptist Churches of Indiana and Kentucky.

The Expanding Mission Church Grant was established by the ABC of Indiana/Kentucky Board in 2014 to provide additional funds for your church to expand mission and service in your community. Would “seed money” help you enhance a ministry with children of incarcerated parents, or get started with a community garden, or provide back-to-school haircuts, or prepare weekend food packs for school children, or arrange a neighborhood block party? Or, do you have other ideas, uniquely suited to your community setting, to expand the mission where God has placed you?


The Expanding Mission Church Grant is available to all eligible churches within the ABC-IN/KY. For the purposes of this grant, an eligible church is identified as having contributed in the prior year to the mission and ministry of ABC-IN/KY through United Mission, the America for Christ Offering, the Region Offering, or State Work. (Questions about church contribution may be directed to sooziford@abc-indiana.org).

For complete details regarding the grant, click on the link below, which will take you to an informative brochure that includes an explanation of the grant and some examples of grants that have been awarded to churches.

Expanding Church Mission Grant Brochure