Getting Started in CLI

Its simple to get started!

If you are planning to participate for enrichment, continuing education or by auditing classes, you merely need to:

1. contact Jennifer Greene at or 317-635-3552 ext 221 with your basic information (see list below).

    • Full name with middle initial
    • Name you use to introduce yourself (i.e.  shorter versions of your first/middle name)
    • Home mailing address (please include your street address or PO Box, city, state & zip code)
    • Home phone number (please include your area code)
    • Cell phone number (please include your area code)
    • Whether you have and utilize “texting” on your cell phone plan or not?
    • Current email address
    • Church name along with the city, state & zip of your church

2. follow-up with a completed registration form & fee for the class topic you are interested in (see the CLI schedule for class information & registration forms).

For those interested in committing to a CLI program course of study, please also download, complete and submit the forms from the application packet (see forms below).  If you have any questions about any of those documents, please don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Full Application Packet



Admission Checklist

Application Form

Church Recommendation Form

The Covenant and Code of Ethics

Conduct Self-Disclosure Questionnaire