For Ministers

Thanks for your interest in exploring the possibility of ministry with an American Baptist Churches of Indiana and Kentucky (ABC/IN-KY) congregation.

Ministerial Leaders Interested In Serving an Indiana – Kentucky Congregation

You may have clicked on this page out of a personal interest to know more about our ministerial search and call process, because you want to begin an active search for your next ministry call, and/or because you were referred here by an ABC/IN-KY regional minister.

Whenever we seek God’s leading in a ministry call we are engaging in an act of discernment and prayer. The regional staff of ABC/IN-KY serves both congregations and ministerial leaders as resource persons in the midst of this call process.

The American Baptist Churches of Indiana and Kentucky is an excellent region in which to share ministry. We are a partnership of some 350 congregations in two states. This partnership includes congregations of all sizes in varied locations of the five different Areas of the Region. Ministry opportunities exist in solo pastor, senior pastor, associate pastor and staff (youth, children, music and specialized ministry), and bi-vocational pastor positions.

Because we are committed to excellence in ministry and want to provide congregations with the best available candidates we require ministerial leaders to provide needed information before we can share their name with a congregational search committee. You will find checklists of this information below for both those persons currently serving an ABC/IN-KY, or other ABC congregation, and for those who are not American Baptist but interested in serving with ABC/IN-KY.

Once you have completed the steps outlined on the checklist and have all your information on file with ABC/IN-KY, you can expect our partnership of your search for a next ministry call to follow these steps:

Your American Baptist Personnel Services (ABPS) profile or professional resume and the additional information from your file will be presented at an ABC/IN-KY region staff meeting. When a match seems probable between your professional specialties, self-described ministry style, and compensation range; and those of a congregation looking for ministerial leadership; the ABC/IN-KY staff person working with that search committee will share your profile with them. If you identify a congregation, who’s search committee you would like your profile presented to, you may contact that ABC/IN-KY staff person working with that committee to do so. We ask that you not contact the church directly or through another person, but instead go through the ABC/IN-KY staff person. Once your profile has been shared with the local church search committee they will determine if they feel led to make contact with you for further dialogue. Candidates will remain active in our ABC/IN-KY files for up to one year, upon which time they will be removed unless we are otherwise notified. A quality move can take 6-18 months. Starting your search before you leave your current situation is essential.

An additional opportunity for persons seeking a next ministerial call is Face to Face. ABC/IN-KY partners with three neighboring regions in this Candidate/Search Committee Ministry Fair once a year.


The Church Alliance has Filed a Brief in the Clergy Housing Exclusion Case.

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