Missional Church Learning Experience (MCLE)

Missional Church Learning Experience – Overview

Churches throughout America are looking for ways to bring vitality to their ministry. Currently there is a lot of talk about the missional church movement, but ideas need to be practiced in order to become effective. The Missional Church Learning Experience is designed to give churches an opportunity to experiment with principles of the missional movement through a practical, ‘learn by doing’ experience.

A simple definition of a Missional Church is, “an authentic faith community whose primary ministry focus is outward, on mission with God bringing Christ’s love alive in their neighborhood and beyond.”                                          

This mission focus is based on the belief that God created the church to deliver the good news for humanity through communities of faith that display Christ’s love among themselves as they work to deliver Christ’s message of God’s love to the world. When a church is “on mission” with God they are demonstrating the gospel as Christ did through word and deed, delivered in loving relationships empowered by God’s Spirit. Christians strengthen one another for this work by forming authentic faith communities (local churches) that inspire through worship, train for effective mission, and support disciples to be God’s life giving agents. this is discipleship; loving Christ and joining Christ in God’s mission.                                                                                                                   

When churches forget God’s purpose for the church, they can become self-serving entities. Refocusing outward on God’s mission helps Christians regain their purpose, bringing life and vitality to the church. As Christians become engaged with people in their community in caring ways they remember their call and the community sees Christianity that works – faith that makes a difference, to everyone’s advantage.

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