What is Going on in the Region?

NCP-I Build

I BUILD is an opportunity for American Baptists to provide additional funding for the development of new churches across the ABC Indiana-Kentucky Region.

I BUILD funds received will be used entirely to support new and ongoing church planting efforts in Indiana and Kentucky.

I BUILD partners will contribute a minimum of $60 ($20 three times a year) with three different levels of participation.

Builders’ Club -Individual members wishing to contribute $20 three times per year ($60 annually)

Master Builder -Individual members wishing to contribute above and beyond the standard #20 level.

Group Builders -Church groups, such as Sunday School classes, ABWM, ABMen, and youth groups who wish to contribute at least $20 three times a year.

For more information on I BUILD or to make a commitment, contact the ABC of IN-KY office or any member of the New Church Planting Council.