Chile–The Bolicks

Dwight and Barbara Bolick and their two children serve in Chile alongside the churches of the Convention of Baptist Churches of the Chilean Mission in ministries of economic and leadership development. Their primary focus is with the Mapuche churches in southern Chile . The Mapuche are the indigenous people of Chile and Argentina. They struggle with severe
poverty, lack of sustainable livelihoods, and the debilitating, culture-eroding effects of centuries of domination. Barbara and Dwight, with the Mapuche churches, have established programs for the recovery and use of the native language, Mapudungun, in worship, evangelism, and service; entrepreneurship training in a rural context (beginning with the production of traditional weavings, and beekeeping for honey production); and theological education.
The Bolicks also serve in equipping leaders among the Convention’s other churches. They both teach and preach in churches from Santiago to the Lake District . Barbara helps churches develop ministries to women and children and Dwight focuses on stewardship, helping churches grasp their potential to create and sustain Christ-like ministries in their communities.
If you or your church are willing to enter into a prayer partnership with the Bolicks and become a part of their Missionary Partnership Network you can contact their local coordinator, Betty Helpa.
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