Personal & Family Care Experience

November 20th, 2015 by

Great   gift   idea   for   those   in   ministry! 

If you know someone in ministry, send them to the…

Personal & Family Care Experience 

and sponsor their transportation expenses, resources to participate & registration for the experience!

  • Southeast Indiana

  • Seats Limited

  • Spouse welcome free of charge, if space available

Summary Flyer

Registration Form

Detailed Syllabus

Registration Incentive Programs

Annual Church Clerk Reports

March 21st, 2014 by


  • For those who are equipped to help us be better stewards of mission funds, the documents for reporting 2021 Statistics and 2022 Church Leadership Information have been provided below (see “options” section below to download).
  • If you have difficulties downloading, saving or printing the forms provided, please email Jennifer Greene with ABC-IN/KY at
  • The usual mass mailing to those churches who haven’t reported should go out by April 1st.  This delay is in hopes many more churches will support ABC-IN/KY in ministry by printing their own copy from the website to complete and return.
  • If you need printed forms mailed to your clerk directly instead of your church mailing address, please contact Jennifer via email ( or phone (317.635.3552 ext 221) to confirm your current Church Clerk’s name and mailing address.
  • Please return completed reporting forms within two (2) weeks, so region statistics can be prepared for our annual reporting deadline.
  • Returning completed reports electronically is faster and much more reliable than using the USPS.
  • For those churches who can’t report electronically, please keep in mind our office address has been updated to P.O. Box 125 IN 46131.


Often each Church’s Pastor, Secretary, Clerk and Treasurer partner together to complete the reporting process for your church.  We hope your “Annual Clerk Report Team” will do their part to bring our Region to 100% participation this year.  By doing so…

1. You will help us improve the reliability of the data for our wider American Baptist family, which allows us to:

  • provide documentation and evidence of our ministry together (a requirement for our non-profit 501c3 status)
  • evaluate needs & provide resources
  • keep you informed & connected

2.  Your church has tangible evidence of your relationship with us for privileges that include:

  • having a voice in how we continue to do ministry together in the future
  • non-profit tax exemption eligibility through our denomination
  • resources and support for Pastors, Church lay leaders & congregations
  • eligibility when grant, scholarship or inheritance distribution issues arise which relate to churches & their pastors in relationship with us

As we continue to make greater use of technology as we seek to be good stewards of God’s resources, it is helpful to have e-mail addresses for every pastor and church, as well as church website (URL) addresses.   Therefore, we encourage you to include email addresses along with other contact information to assist us with this effort. 

If your Church’s Annual Clerk Report Team has any questions, please contact Jennifer Greene at ( or 317-635-3552, press 4).


(1) If you have access to MicroSoft Word, you can enter your reporting information electronically

(2) If you don’t have access to MicroSoft Word, you can still assist us in freeing up more funds for ministry by downloading your forms to print and complete.  The forms are available in PDF format below which is compatible with most computer systems.

(3) Waiting for the printed packet to be mailed and arrive via your Church’s mailing address.

  • The mailing for those churches needing printed hard copies of the clerk report documents should be in the mail by April 1st.
  • If you need printed forms mailed to your clerk directly instead of your church mailing address, please contact Jennifer via email ( or phone (317.635.3552, press 4) to confirm your current Church Clerk’s name and mailing address.
  • It is always very important to SAVE A COPY of your reporting each year for your church records by filing them in your church office.
  • Please return completed reporting forms by either…
    • scanning (or taking a picture of) your completed reporting forms to return via email ( which will be a more reliable way of getting your reporting to us
    • or mailing them to us the old fashion way (Jennifer Greene-Clerk Reports, c/o ABC-IN/KY, P.O. Box 125, Franklin, IN 46131).


2021 for 2020 Reporting

2020 for 2019 Reporting

2019 for 2018 Reporting

2018 for 2017 Reporting