M28 Certificate in Theological Education

July 25th, 2023 by

ABC-IN/KY Region Offers M28 Certificate in Theological Education

The ABC-IN/KY Region is pleased to announce M28, a certification program in theological education through Kairos University/Sioux Falls Seminary. This online competency-based approach to theological education from an accredited ATS university/seminary will provide participants a cost-effective means to become better equipped for ministry.

M28 offers two tracks of engagement:

1) A pastoral leaders track will provide clergy with broad exposure to important ministry topics through 12 courses. This track will prepare pastors for the pursuit of a regionally recognized ordination through ABC-IN/KY. As they advance through the program, students will work with a Student Mentor, the M28 Dean, and an ABC-IN/KY Region Minister.

2) A laity track will equip congregational leaders who wish to advance their knowledge and skill in ministry leadership. These students will be mentored by their pastor.

M28 is a partnership between Kairos and ABC-IN/KY. Kairos will provide the educational course content through a subscription-based delivery of classes. ABC-IN/KY will provide the mentor team and assessment of competencies as students advance through their learning pathway.

For more information, you may contact Rev. Dr. Dan Cash, the M28 Dean, or speak with one of the ABC-IN/KY Region Ministers. If you would prefer to have his phone number, simply call the ABC-IN/KY Region Office.

Additional information is available through these links:
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
The Student Mentor Role (Guidelines for Selection of a Student Mentor)
M28 Desired Outcomes
Standards of Academic Expectation
I’m ready to enroll – now what?
To fill out your application to M28, please click here.

After your application is received, you will be contacted by Dan Cash, the M28 Dean. Once you have been accepted into the program, you will be sent a link to subscribe to M28 through Kairos University. – Thank you for your interest!

Healthy Boundaries NEXT Course!

May 2nd, 2023 by

Campus Ministries

May 1st, 2023 by

Typically, August to May in any given year are the peak times for high schoolers of all ages to visit campuses and for those in their senior year of high school to complete and submit applications, no matter what type of campus experience you might be considering for your future! Of course, the below schools mentioned accept older applicants as well, for either pursuing college credits or for continuing “lifelong learning,” merely by auditing classes/not-for-credit.

Below are locations within Indiana (and beyond–) where Christian students may find support and places to land, where they might also seek NEW opportunities to live out their faith!

Muncie Student Ministry (ongoing support of American Baptist Students of Ball State, Muncie Ivy Tech, etc.)

c/o Muncie First Baptist Church
309 E Adams St
Muncie, IN 47305

To request details, fill in their “Contact Us” form with your info HERE or phone: (765) 284-7749.


Purdue Baptist Student Foundation— aka “The Found”

200 N Russell St
West Lafayette, IN 47906

Go HERE for The Found at Purdue website.

Ivan D. Hicks, Ph.D., Interim Campus Pastor
With additional questions about becoming involved or living at The Found, email Dr. Hicks HERE or call (317) 205-1022.


Franklin College

101 Branigin Blvd.
Franklin, IN 46131

Go HERE to access the Franklin College website, and see the following link for Franklin College and ABC Scholarship Opportunities (available to American Baptist students).

Franklin College has endowed scholarships for American Baptist students!

The Franklin College Financial Aid Office also shares the following helpful general information about finding scholarships and applying for Federal Student Aid. Click on this HELPFUL GUIDE!

For information about taking an Admissions tour, holding youth group or other church-related events on campus, inviting Franklin College to exhibit at your upcoming church event, or to talk about additional partnerships, email Rev. Rebecca Horstman May, American Baptist Liaison Assistant, HERE or call (317) 600-8986.

…OR another Franklin College contact is Rev. Dr. Hannah Adams Ingram, Chaplain and Director of Religious Life. Email Hannah HERE or call (317) 738-8140.

This private liberal arts college was founded by Indiana Baptists in 1834 and maintains a voluntary association with American Baptist Churches, including ongoing local partnerships with the ABC-IN/KY Region.


For a list of all (16) American Baptist-related colleges or universities across the United States, go HERE.

Read about the American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS) Undergraduate College/University and Technical College “Student” Scholarships application process HERE. NOTE: Applicants must hold active membership in an American Baptist (ABC) church in order to be considered for the ABHMS Scholarship.

Don’t forget, if an active member of specifically an ABC-IN/KY Region church, you may also apply for an ABWM of IN/KY Scholarship. For more info, go HERE!

ABWM Undergraduate Scholarship

February 15th, 2023 by

This annual scholarship, available to college/university and community/technical school undergraduates of American Baptist Churches of IN/KY, helps with things like the cost of books or can help to lessen the burden of tuition, room or board costs. American Baptist Women of IN/KY also pray for the recipients and sometimes surprise them with other smaller, tangible gifts throughout the year!

Your local church’s American Baptist Women should be able to give you more information about this scholarship and how to apply; however, the application phase for 2024 has ended.

The 2025 application deadline should be around February 15, 2025. –Please help spread the word that this scholarship exists!


For a complete list of current ABWM of IN/KY Officers (for 2024), go HERE. – To find out more about the ABWM of IN/KY organization, go HERE!