Healthy Boundaries

Serving as a pastor or spiritual leader is a sacred trust.  Without intending to, it is possible to hurt and/or exploit those we teach and lead by inappropriately crossing boundaries.  Healthy Boundaries Fundamentals is a one-day workshop that highlights the concepts of boundaries applicable to pastoral and teaching relationships.  Using materials from the FaithTrust Institute (, trained facilitators will assist pastoral leaders in understanding relational boundaries in their role within the community of faith.  Pastors and leaders who are aware of what is appropriate, what is not, and whether an action is in the best interest of others are better equipped to avoid possible boundary violations.

All ministers are strongly urged to participate in Healthy Boundaries Fundamentals training once every five years.  Healthy Boundaries Fundamentals is required for ordination candidates and for CLI students prior to graduation.  Continuing education units (CEUs) will be provided for each course.


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Healthy Boundaries Brochure – May 17 & 24, 2022