If you are a Church Clerk, materials for reporting 2023 Statistics and 2024 Church Leadership Information should already have arrived by US Mail.

If you have not received those, please phone Wendy or John at the Region Office, 317-635-3552, and give us the address where you would like them sent. We will be happy to assist you!

IMPORTANT:  If your pastor, church clerk or treasurer changes at anytime throughout the year, please email webmaster (including the NEW person’s name, role, church name, preferred email address, US Mail address, and phone number).

Thank you!


If you are a Church Treasurer or Financial Secretary, here are several documents important to you and your congregation’s Finance Team:

  1. Mission Support (Giving Categories for throughout the Year) – by Definition
  2. Region Offering 2023 – Suggested Collection Time is annually, usually July and/or August
  3. Other Major Offerings – Promotion/Collection Timeline
  4. Mission Support Form – Local Church Giving Reporting Form
  5. 2024 Pastor Compensation Letter and Worksheet (from the Ministers and Missionaries Benefit Board/MMBB)

Additional Notes about “Missionaries” or “Missions” Giving:

  • The following International Ministries (IM) missionaries have a longstanding partnership with the ABC-IN/KY Region – The Bolicks and the Bonilla-Giovanettis (“BGs”). However, your church may support any international missionaries you wish (see the Mission Support Form, linked in the above section, for those missionaries most often supported by ABC-IN/KY congregations. This is not an all-encompassing list.) –To find info about other Global Servants (IM missionaries) you or your church might wish to support, go HERE.
  • If you are wanting to help with specific IM Missionaries’ Personal Expenses, however, the ABC-IN/KY Region Mission and Finance Office asks you to send those monies directly to the missionaries (do NOT include on your church’s Mission Support Form in other words).
  • Keep in mind, there are also Various Domestic” Missions needing your church’s ongoing support, too, through the following:

With questions about Mission Support recordkeeping (reporting/receipt procedures), feel free to email John Dunlap, Manager of Mission Support and Finance, c/o ABC-IN/KY, or phone John at 317.635.3552, press 2. He will be glad to help you! – If interested in reading John’s Staff Bio page, go HERE!


Wondering how to DONATE ONLINE to a specific ABC-IN/KY Region Ministry or Mission Project, or to PAY ONLINE for a specific program/educational opportunity/workshop? – Go HERE.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact webmaster.


Stewardship Resources are available ONLINE through ABCUSA’s Generosity Project.

new section on the ABCUSA website highlights all the resources available for promoting generosity, stewardship, and the United Mission offering (launched late Summer 2023). Access the United Mission Toolkit at

Strengthening Your Financial Future (SYFF) is a program offered by the American Baptist Foundation, helping churches, regions, and ministry organizations to increase support in three stages: Vision. Communication. Celebration.

Estate Planning Resources are also available ONLINE through the American Baptist Foundation.


Looking for Financial Support? The following might be helpful resources!

For Churches

(Click on weblinks where highlighted)

  • American Baptist Home Mission Societies-ABHMS (domestic) grant opportunities for churches and ABC related organizations known as Palmer Grants, offered and administered by the American Baptist Foundation. (Mentioned specifically as “domestic” grants because there are some international Palmer Grants made available as well.)
  • Center for Congregations Resource Grants or Equity Grants.

For Church Facility/Building Asset Resources

(Click on weblinks)

For Professional Church Leaders – PCLs


(Click on weblinks)

Educational Partners (with several of these, the ABC-IN/KY Region has had specific “Memoranda of Understanding-MOUs”):

For Others


(Click on weblinks)

Educational Partners (several that Indiana Baptists helped to begin or with which have “Memoranda of Understanding-MOUs” in place):


On our “Wish List” for the ABC-IN/KY Region’s FINANCE & BUSINESS page(s) in the near future is to offer [fillable] ONLINE registration forms for all Region programs. Some of the below programs already have them, while others do not (or we only have them LIVE during a specific registration time). When they are LIVE, they will be included below:

In the meantime, please contact Jordan Morris at Indian Creek Baptist Camp & Retreat Center directly to register for camps, retreats and other events, or to talk about holding your own event at Indian Creek! — Although not a Region Camp (but instead an Associations-founded Camp), there is also Southeastern Baptist Youth Camp.

Contact ABC-IN/KY Region Staff to register or find out more about specific programs, as linked here, such as Healthy Boundaries or Nehemiah Leaders or M28 Certificate in Theological Education (click on whichever program interests you and email that staff member your specific registration request, including the date/s you plan to attend, clarifying whether you prefer in person or virtual IF both options are offered, and please don’t forget to include your contact info, including phone number, in case we have any follow-up questions or unanticipated connectivity issues on the day/s of the program you have chosen).

  • Rev. Bruce Cochran, Region Minister, can tell you more about Healthy Boundaries (content covered, CEUs available upon request, etc.). He and any other Region Minister can also talk with you about the 2023 Region Offering promotion (local churches are encouraged to promote that offering during July/August of each year).
  • Rev. Steve Allen, Region Minister, can tell you more about Nehemiah Leaders (content covered, the cohort opportunities if those interest you, etc.)
  • Rev. Kristi Jones, Region Minister, can talk with you about youth ministry renewed emphases currently underway within our Region, including ongoing FUSE (events for youth) and occasional Youth Leader Meet-Ups!
  • Rev. Mark Thompson, Executive Minister, can explain more about the current status of Church Leadership Institute, the exciting new successor program to CLI called, “M28,” meets with people interested in pursuing ordination, tracks on ABC-USA (national) happenings, serves as staff person involved with the Region Board and committees, etc.

Eventually, we hope to have electronic document sharing for ongoing business of the following groups:

  • Region Board
  • Finance Committee
  • Personnel Committee
  • Committee on Ordination, Recognition and Ministerial Standing (CORMS),  etc.