Pastor Search & Call

ABC Ministerial Leaders Seeking Placement

If you are investigating placement as an American Baptist Ministerial Leader in the American Baptist Churches of IN/KY, we’re glad you’re visiting our website! We want to learn more about you, so we’ll need you to have a conversation with either the Executive Minister or another one of our Region Ministers, and for you to provide some background information. We look forward to hearing from you!

To get started with this communication, please email Rev. Mark Thompson, Executive Minister.

It might be helpful for you to complete the ABCINKY resume form as well.*

*If you already have an up-to-date MinistrElife (ABPS) profile on file, please let us know; in which case, there is no need to submit the above resume form unless you wish.

If you would like to begin a MinistrElife (ABPS) profile, or, if you need to update your existing profile, go HERE to read more about how to to so.


You also will need to complete the following enclosures and send them to ABC-IN/KY:

(Click to download)

Covenant and Code of Ethics

Self-Disclosure Form


Non-ABC Ministerial Leaders Seeking Placement

Ministerial Search Process with ABC/IN-KY for Non-ABC Ministerial Leaders

If you are not an American Baptist-recognized minister but would like to know more about ministry possibilities with an American Baptist Church in the Indiana and Kentucky Region, we invite you to enter our Ordination and Recognition process.

For more information, go HERE.


The Pastoral Search  Process

You may have arrived on this webpage because you are a member of a Search Committee and your congregation is looking for a new pastor (ministerial leader), or you are a pastor simply wanting to know more about how ABC-IN/KY Region staff work with congregations in the “Search & Call” of ministerial leaders. To find out more, go HERE.