Churches Seeking Ministerial Leadership

You may have come to this page because: you are a member of a pastoral search committee, your congregation is looking for a new pastor or ministerial leader, or you are a ministerial leader wanting to know more about how ABC/IN-KY regional staff work with congregations in the search and call of ministerial leaders.

When a congregation needs to search for a new pastor or other ministerial leader we invite you to make contact with the ABC/IN-KY staff person assigned to work with your church.

For Pastoral Searches or Associate Staff Leadership, you will need to contact the resource minister serving your Association.

Click here to view a map of all associations and the staff person assigned to each association.

Upon contact with the ABC/IN-KY staff person you can expect this individual to meet with your search committee for an orientation to the process ABC/IN-KY uses to resource congregations conducting a ministerial search. The core of this Search and Call approach is to identify the ministry needs and expectations of the congregation. The primary resource tool used for this is a tool called Church Reflections, which will be provided by Regional Staff. Through use of this tool, and the guidance of your Area Resource Minister, the search committee will be able to encounter candidates that are a more likely match for the congregation, based on their ministry gifts and specialties and compensation needs.

The insights Church Reflections provides have been gained by experiences of about 6000 churches over a thirty year period. It is a vital process that seeks to respond to the uniqueness of the needs of each church seeking leadership. We understand that first and foremost the search for ministerial leadership is to be a spiritual process. The framework we provide serves to offer a context within which God’s Spirit connects with the church. We serve with a clear commitment to the autonomy of the local congregation, and respect that the ultimate decision as to who is called remains with the church.

In review, this ministry of the American Baptist Churches of Indiana and Kentucky seeks to:

Assist the congregation in gaining and articulating a clearer understanding of who they are as a Body of Christ. Identify the expectations and needs of the congregation, which can serve as guidance for the search committee. Identify the pastoral gifts and skills which will best serve and lead the congregation. Offer counsel to focus the church and pastoral search committee toward an eventual candidate. Train the committee in accessing the descriptive material from pastoral profiles. Offer a proven process for focusing on the candidate to be presented to the church. Assist the pastoral search committee in clarifying and communicating its search process for the congregation. Below you will find links to a variety of tools helpful to the work of a local church search committee:

Interim Ministry Worksheet

A Covenant For Interim Ministers

Sample Commissioning Service for Search Committee

The Covenant and Code of Ethics

Sexual Misconduct-Domestic Violence Disclosure Form


Guidelines to Job Description

Ministerial Leader Compensation Guidelines

The Search Committee Interviews The Candidate

Guidelines for Conducting a Telephone Reference Interview

Sample Minister-Church Agreement

Sample Installation Service