Dwight and Barbara Bolick – Chile and Beyond

Barbara and Dwight are on a Special Assignment, based currently in College Station, Texas.

Barb is completing a Ph.D. in Youth Development, in order to make the Talita Cumi Girls’ Clubs project both evidence-based and effective. She is introducing the Girls’ Clubs in Bolivia and continues supporting the program in Chile, as she provides mentor training and contextualized written materials.

Dwight is training partners in Central America in rainwater harvesting, installing model systems, encouraging its use in addressing the severe water crises throughout the region.

During this time, both Dwight and Barb will remain connected with the ongoing projects in Chile – the Girls’ Clubs, Beekeeping, Rainwater Harvesting, Men’s Volunteer Relief Network and others.

If you or your church are willing to enter into a prayer partnership with the Bolicks and become a part of their Missionary Partnership Network, you may contact their current coordinator (with past ties to ABC-IN/KY!), Rev. Lee Riggs by email HERE.

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