MinistrElife – (formerly ABPS) – click register

MinistrElife is a platform designed by the American Baptist Churches Home Mission Society to help ministers network with one another and churches.  This powerful tool serves to engage and equip ministers, extend their ministry, assist with employment, and enlighten them as to what resources are available.  Also included is a Zoom teleconferencing subscription.

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In order for Region Ministers to connect pastors who are searching for placement in ABCINKY, it is necessary to create a MinistrElife personal profile.  For those of you who are familiar with the American Baptist Personnel Services profile system, please be aware that the MinistrElife profile is now the resource that is used to connect ministers with search committees.  Consequently, it is imperative to either create a MinistrElife profile or update your previous ABPS profile.  In either case, you must register with MinistrElife.
In order to tap into this potent website, each minister must register.  Follow the steps below: