Upcoming Events

Listed below are upcoming events in the region:

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Mission Activities

Missions is an important part of the region’s focus. Read about the various ways that the region is involved in missions.

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Region Ministries

Region Resource Ministers provide support for pastors and congregations as well as leadership in a variety of church transformation opportunities.

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Our Region is committed to leading individuals to accept Christ, grow in their relationship to Christ, and live out their faith as mature disciples.

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September 28 – Healthy Boundaries

Healthy Boundaries is an introduction to the concepts of boundaries in pastoral and teaching relationships. Understanding boundaries can help ministry leaders manage the difficulties inherent in the role of clergy or spiritual leader. Knowledge of what is appropriate, what is not, and whether an action is in the best interest of congregants or students can help clergy leaders avoid possible boundary violations.

This class is required for CLI graduates and ordination candidates.                                                                                             

This course is a one-day seminar and participants may earn .7 CEUs.

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October 10 – Senior Adult Day

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October 12 – AB Women’s and Girl’s Day

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ABW Fall Conference Schedule



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