Annual Church Clerk Reports

Annual Church Clerk Report Packets have not been mailed yet.

  • Electronic Documents in PDF should be posted by April 10th (see further below).
  • Electronic Documents in Microsoft Word should be available by April 12th.
  • The mailing for those churches needing printed documents should be in the mail before Easter.

If your pastor or church clerk decide to receive forms electronically with the ability to type in your reporting information, please contact Jennifer Greene at or 317-635-3552 ext 221 BEFORE APRIL 12, 2017.  You will need access to Microsoft Word to utilize this option.

Often each Church’s Pastor, Secretary, Clerk and Treasurer partner together to complete the reporting process for your church.  We hope your Clerk Report Team will do their part to bring our Region to 100% participation this year.

By doing so, your church will…

  1. provide evidence of an on-going denominational relationship for legal purposes i.e. tax exemption, grant opportunities, etc.
  2. provide a church record outside your local church for historical purposes.
  3. help us plan to serve and communicate with your congregation more effectively.
  4. improve the reliability of the data for our wider American Baptist family. 

As we continue to make greater use of technology as we seek to be good stewards of God’s resources, it is helpful to have e-mail addresses for every pastor and church, as well as church website (URL) addresses.   Therefore, we encourage you to include email addresses along with other contact information to assist us with this effort. 

If you would like to start getting your information together in anticipation of receiving your Clerk Report packet, the worksheet & forms below will be very helpful.

If your Church’s Clerk Report Team has any questions, please contact Jennifer Greene at ( or 317-635-3552 ext 221).