New Church Planting

Mission of the New Church Planting Council

The New Church Planting Council will…

1. Concentrate on growing geographical areas
2. Experiment with a variety of different models and target groups
3. Include opportunities for re-starting churches which are dying, declining or merging
4. Encourage beginning initiatives from both local churches and the region
5. Count the cost, determining how much funding will be necessary and how the funding will decline over time

Elements of Support

The New Church Planting Council will…

1. Continuously build a strong financial base through individual and church support
2. Emphasize the importance of local church and individual support over regional/national support
3. Recognize the need for “mother churches” to be involved
4. Consider the need for support to continue to enable growth
5. Build in accountability and on-going communication concerning needs and support

Elements of Leadership

The New Church Planting Council will…

1. Foster cooperation with the ABC at regional and national levels
2. Seek planters with a “thriving mentality”
3. Concentrate on reaching un-churched populations
4. Promote and seek commitment to support both project and planter from pastors and congregations of nearby churches
5. Recognize and implement the need for multi-staffing at an early phase
6. Utilize part-time or bi-vocational persons
7. Serve as, or help to develop, accountability and advisory groups
8. Constantly attempt to design better profiles and better ways to identify and recruit potential leadership

If you are interested in planting a new church, please contact Rev. Mark Thompson, Executive Minister, by emailing him HERE. Spanish-speaking individuals interested in planting a new church should contact, Rev. Jaime Flores, Hispanic Ministries Strategist, by emailing him HERE.